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Email Prayers

Emails has grown old and wise, but people tend to use it like teenagers.

Here is a list of my prayers, let them be heard:

  • Stop using noreply@yourservice.com, it’s rude and makes me feel offended. Read Death of the “noreply” mailbox.
  • Start sending emails inviting to dialog.
  • Stop sending┬áridiculous long emails, do yourself, your organization and everybody else a favor by sending short email.
  • Stop sending emails with content you need feedback on, instead use awesome online services which master this task. Google docs, Cage, etc.
Do you have more prayers to add? Let them be heard!
I’m not religious, but when to comes to emails everyone need to show some manners.

One response to “Email Prayers”

  1. Ane Menik says:

    Hey L.

    I fully support you e-mail cause/prayer and it is also something that can get me fired up… But I will confess I probably have been one myself to not live by the e-mail code of conduct – But I will now and will also make others do it – Or I will shoot at them with a can of bad, rotten tuna :-D

    Take care from


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