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How smartphones changes our presence in the family

I wouldn’t live without my iPhone, and if you ask most of my (extended) family members, they will probably say the same.

But what I before saw as a tendency among teenagers, has now entered our family.¬†For a long time I actually believed that as long as a group of people had the same social manners/ethics of where and when smartphone interactions are okay, it wouldn’t damage the individuals presence in the group. But now I see that¬†family games, dinners and calm small talks are being interrupted by our beloved smartphones.

Here is a list of tendencies that I see in our family (myself included):

  • Family presence is challenged by opt-in smartphone interruptions
  • Remotely (digital) family bonds has become stronger
  • Everyone’s attention span is decreasing
  • People are more picky about which kind of shared family activities they want to engage in.

With great power comes great responsibility

Thanks to Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Wordfeud & ect.
Smartphones has become a strong digital extension of our social abilities, but it makes IRL social presence more challenging.

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